TMI Series

Advanced technology on smallest area

Compact high pressure compressor in stainless steel body for purest breathing air and other gases. Designed for the operating at generators in vehicles, yachts and remote operating places without current supply. In series equipped with automatic final pressure shut-down and automatic condensate drain this installation type is characterised by high user-friendliness.


Designed for high delivery output and user friendliness, equipped with the most progressive IDE compressor block generation convinces this unit by equipment and compactness. Triple-S stands for the „Smooth Start System. In series build in soft start allows operation in working environments, where technical conditioned so far only underperforming installation types were used. By this technology the TMI series is particularly applicable for the operation at generators and thus also on boats and yachts. The unit can be used because of the body made of stainless steel without worries also in damp environments and areas.

Advanced technology

To bring most compact dimensions together with most advanced technology is no contradiction - the TMI series shows this clearly.

  • Cylinders of all stages made from special aluminum alloy with cast iron sleeves
  • Ideal performance secured by interstage coolers made of special stainless steel alloy
  • Housing made of stainless steel for the op-eration in areas with high air humidity and/or in-creased salt values in the ambient air
Safe? Sure!
  • Breathing air in accordance with international standards, under normal use and maintenance, according to the manual and Airscrubber CO2 filter over the limit lying CO2 concentration in the intake air
  • Screw connections on all pressurised components designed and laid out for at least x 1.5-4 times safety
  • Exclusive: AIRSAVE PRO (optionally) electronic dryer cartridge saturation monitoring system combined with a compressor control system, which controls all service and oil changing intervals.
  • Service– and contract partners with spare part supply in almost 20 countries worldwide
  • Large training and instruction offer for your technical education
  • Project oriented and cost oriented consultation in close cooperation with the customer
↓ Features | Model →EMET
● standard | o optional | - not available for this model
Alternatively 200 or 300 bar version
Main air outlet 1 1
200 and 300 bar shareable o o
420 bar Version o o
Dryersystem TMI 150 - 230 = FT 310 (1.000 m³) - TMI 320 - 350 = FT 410 (1.400 m³)
AIRSAVE PRO Dryer-cartridge saturation control
Upgrade AIRSAVE PREMIUM, airquality control for CO, CO², O2, humidity, temperature, dew point o o
Automatic condensate drain
Automatic pressure shut-down
Operating hour meter
Direction of rotation control with phase inverter o o
Triple-S „Smooth Start System“ o o
Airscrubber - Reduces CO² concentration in GR.1 von 100-350 L/Min - GR.2 von 350-720 L/Min o o
Tropic Version o o
Wheelsets o o
Expandable as required

AIRSAVE PRO, AIRSAVE PREMIUM and AIRSAVE PREMIUM OC - additional equipment for maximum working reliability and cost-efficiency.


Maximum working reliability and air quality are by the electronic AIRSAVE filter monitoring. Over a measuring sensor build in the dryer cartridge is recorded and send to the AIRSAVE Pro dryer cartridge saturation monitoring system. This sends status messages over certain switching signals to the operator and switches the compressor unit off when the saturation of the cartridge exceeds the obligatorily limit values.


Monitoring of air-quality at breathing-air compressor. Unrivalled around the globe: the in the compressor integrated, electronic system to monitor air quality and dryer saturation in high-pressure breathing-air compressors. Airsave Premium is your first opportunity to monitor all parameters of your compressor system, which are decisive for air quality and operational safety - CO, CO2, O2, temperature, humidity, filter saturation, working hours, intervals for maintenance, service and oil filter replacement - and to control the compressor accordingly. If safety-relevant parameters are violated, the compressor is switched off automatically.


From now on we also permanently measure the residual oil content in the compressed air. A quantum leap! Filling with AIRSAVE PREMIUM together with an Airscrubber CO² prefilter guarantee compliance with the main parameters (CO, CO2, O2, humidity) of DIN EN 12021 and other international standards. IDE defines with its integrated air monitoring, the Airsave Premium, the state of the art.
The IDE Airsave Premium sets new standards.

Technical data
Other voltages possible / ** optional with second pressure section to simultaneously fill with 225 bars (3260 psi) and 330 bars (4790 psi)
225 / 330 / 420 bar **
motor *
in cm LxBxH
TMI 160 EM 230V / 50/60 Hz 150 1.350 3,0/4,1 FT 310 60x60x85 155
TMI 160 ET 400V / 50/60 Hz 160 1.350 4,0/5,4 FT 310 60x60x85 155
TMI 230 ET 400V / 50/60 Hz 230 1.350 4,0/5,4 FT 310 60x60x85 160
TMI 320 ET 400V / 50/60 Hz 320 1.550 5,5/7,5 FT 410 60x60x85 172
TMI 350 ET max. 420 bar 400V / 50/60 Hz 350 1.450 7,5/10,0 FT 410 60x60x95 177

Technical features subject to change. Printing errors excepted. Some pictures show optional equipment.