30 years with some ups and downs that we all mastered to eventually consolidate our successful position on the market.

Meeting the test criteria and being accepted as a member of the “Verband Deutscher Manufakturen” (~Association of German Manufactories) made us proud and encourages us to stay true to the motto quality before quantity.

In time with the IDE brand’s 30th anniversary in March 2020 we are introducing our new anniversary model.




With this model, we as the world’s only compressor manufactory, want to show that, compared to other renowned compressor manufacturers, it is absolutely possible to build compressors that do not only deliver professional functionality but also offer a special design and some individuality.

There you are, with an awesomely arranged scuba shop or center, a gorgeous yacht or even a cruise ship, and then all the compressors look alike. Consistent with our company’s philosophy we demonstrate that it doesn’t have to be that way.


Over the years we have gathered a lot of experience, which we successfully implemented, and we are well equipped to deliver the high quality standards that we desire and that you can expect from a manufactory.


Therefore, we now grant a

3-year full warranty

for all models in the IDE product series.


For specialized vendors we offer a market-oriented product line at sales-boosting retail prices and really interesting dealers’ margins for favorable contribution margins. Additionally, the IDE-Compressors Manufaktur offers specialized retailers financial support for promotional activities, special rates for demo equipment and excellent service (without us urging you into unnecessary exclusive agreements) – to make us successful together.

The market is ready for true alternatives!

Challenge and test us, for our customers we are working AT HIGH PRESSURE.