IDE Airsave Ultimate

Air-quality monitoring

The European standard DIN EN 12021 was introduced around the turn of the millennium. This standard also describes the monitoring of gases that can occur when compressing air and that might be harmful for the human body. Almost 20 years later still not all manufacturers are aware of the importance of such monitoring. They see the European standard as a recommendation, not as a must. We at IDE take these provisions very seriously. In this text we therefore we want to raise the operators‘ awareness for the importance of this standard and encourage them to take a closer look on the issue of air-quality monitoring.

Test tubes are insufficient to meet the standards

In 2014 DIN EN 12021 was further concretized. A closer look reveals that the method, that until then was common practice, i.e. taking, usually twice a year, sporadic measurements with test tubes, is no longer sufficient. But to this very day a lot of operators still accept this non-standard control. Modern sensors that in compliance with the standard measure continuously are also a lot more precise than test tubes.
Therefore, in 2009, IDE Compressors Manufaktur became a trailblazer for this safety revolution and began to equip every compressor with an innovative online monitoring system. From then on random sampling with test tubes were history and the safety to always deliver pure air has been a given with IDE compressors. Some manufacturers copied the system but the IDE original still marks the state-of-the-art. Especially the measurement of residual oil and the number of different gases and contaminants that can be monitored show IDE’s clear technological lead.

Innovative software from IDE

In the meantime, other compressor manufacturers have equipped their compressors with online monitoring, too, but our software has remained the benchmark for many competitors. Just take the clear presentation – at a glance one can see the safety status of the breathing-air from the respective compressor.

Most of our customers still use monitoring consoles as terminals, but the well-arranged summary can also be displayed on a tablet or smartphone. Our software compares the rated value with the actual value and displays the result in red or green, respectively. The system measures all parameters stipulated in the various standards (currently the customer can choose from 8 international standards):

  • O2
  • CO2
  • CO
  • NO
  • SO2
  • Oil, also residual oil in aerosol state
  • Water
  • Moisture saturation in dryer cartridge
  • Pressure dew point
  • Temperature

If necessary, the measured values can be printed on a small voucher printer to affix to the filled cylinder as a kind of safety information for the customer. Of course the device also saves the data to be output in the form of an excel file and via LAN or USB port. That creates confidence and safety.