Airsave, Fill Save, Fill-Control – what’s the difference?

Working with compressed air compressors requires maximum safety precautions. In the past their implementation was sometimes quite below optimal. Bursting or even exploding pressure vessels or excessive contaminants in the provided breathing-air certainly were very rare incidents, but they did happen. With the new IDE accessories fatal consequences like these are now things of the past. Airsave, Fill Save and Fill-Control have reached new heights and provide safety to the fullest.

Airsave – twelvefold safety

For the first time IDE’s fully electronic air-quality monitoring system simultaneously monitors twelve parameters, helping you to avoid unpleasant surprises.
Airsave Ultimate, which was developed for both dryer and breathing-air compressors, also monitors saturation in the dryer cartridges. Registered as a utility model and integrated into the high-pressure compressor it monitors not only temperature, dew point and residual oil but also the contaminants listed in DIN 12021:2014 in ppm:
• CO
• CO2
• O2
• SO2
• NO
• H2O
• Temperature
• Humidity in mg/m³
• Pressure dew point
• Oil (residual oil also in aerosol form)
• In the intake duct also CO2, SO2
• In the intake duct also flammable gases

This warrants an unprecedented, superior level of safety. Airsave Ultimate is available as a stationary model, or it can be retrofitted to any standard compressor with filling panel. The mobile model comes in a sturdy plastic case with air transport valve, and can be connected to any compressor or even directly to a scuba cylinder.

Fill Save – High pressure defused

While Airsave continuously monitors and controls the dryer-air or breathing-air of the respective compressors, Fill Save is being used in the high pressure section. This high security filling system warrants maximum safety while filling compressed gas cylinders. In some countries such safety filling boxes are already mandatory, therefore IDE, too, moved with the times and is now one of the first manufacturers to comply with these safety regulations.

IDE’s safety filling box is still unique in the world and combines maximum safety with comfortable handling: it is made of extremely strong “double layer” specialty steel, has hypnopneumatic safety doors, a demand controlled FAD with maximal energy efficiency, and is equipped with the unprecedented “FILL CONTROL” system including a documentation module.
Its special features like the new HMI-TCC controls with a large 7’’ glass touchscreen, a monitoring app for your mobile phone, an automatic GSM alarm call to a technician, stainless steel toggle valves, Flow-Stop high-performance muffler, and the IDE HCS hose breakage protection system, make the IDE FILL SAVE system a safety device that is unique in the world.

Fill-Control – and compliance with the BetrSichV is a breeze

Since 2015 the “Betriebssicherheitsverordnung”, the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health, stipulates considerably stricter regulations in respect of safety matters. Staff members are now liable to ensure compliance with many parameters even before filling gas cylinders. Prescribed data must be noted, something that can easily be forgotten or will not be done properly in the hectic of daily routine. Fill-Control automatically monitors all these data and logs them in a directly evaluable and easily understandable format. No forgetting, no mistakes. Liability problems due to insufficient protocols are now history.

With Fill-Control topping up prefilled cylinders can be done within permitted official limits, errors are prevented. Infrared sensors measure the temperature, the filling rate is regulated accordingly, overheating is impossible.

The combination of Fill-Control and Airsave Ultimate offers an unprecedented level of safety and immensely simplifies the handling of compressed gas cylinders. Of course eventually responsibility remains with staff – but IDE’s innovative accessories certainly lower the pressure of responsibility. With IDE Airsave, Fill Save and Fill-Control you are always on the safe side.