Efficient removal of CO2 from breathing-air
If a compressor’s intake air runs through the AIRSCRUBBER, about 70-75% of its CO2 content will be absorbed.
Thus the CO2 content drops to about one third to one quarter of its value in the intake air – far below the strict limits of DIN EN 12021:2014, provided that the maximum intake concentration is not exceeded.
The AIRSCRUBBER can be installed in the compressor’s intake hose or pipe in a few simple steps.
The Airscrubber is particularly recommendable to clean and filter out CO2 from nitrox mixtures after a nitrox membrane system.
In nitrox membrane systems like the IDE MG 400/700 or any other membrane system the AIRSCRUBBER can just as easily be integrated into the intake hose of the high-pressure compressor. Thus the nitrox mixture coming from the nitrox membrane system runs through the AIRSCRUBBER, and most of the CO2 in the mixture will be absorbed.

Low purchase price, highly economic operation!

The AIRSCRUBBER‘s case is transparent. That makes it easy to see clearly and in good time when the absorber material gets saturated and must be replaced. With increasing saturation, the material’s color changes from blue to violet. As soon as the Airscrubber changed its color over its complete length, or if the CO2 content exceeds the standard values of DIN 12021:2014, the absorber material must be replaced – at the latest after one and a half years.
The Airscrubber is easy to handle and, except replacing the absorber material, completely maintenance-free.
The absorber material can be easily replaced in no time.

Technical Data: CO2 intake concentration: max. 1000 ppmv CO2
CO2 output concentration: approx. 25-35% of the intake concentration = max. 350 ppmv CO2 with 1000 ppmv intake concentration Rel. humidity in intake air: 10 to 100% Ambient temperature and intake air temperature: +5 to +45 °C Airflow rate: 100-1000 l/min Service life: max. 1.5 years
Dimensions: L x W: 73 x 23 cm; Weight: 8.5 kg
Intake socket on intake and output side: 63 mm
Suitable connecting hoses to be ordered separately.

Included with delivery: AIRSCRUBBER, mounting kit with rubber insert, fastening materials, hose clamps