Fire Brigade

Day in and day out brave women and men around the world do duty in fire brigades, often putting their own lives and health at risk.

Therefore their working conditions, one of the most important being pure, uncontaminated breathing-air, must be as good and as safe as possible.

IDE Compressors alone can provide them with the best and purest breathing-air, for only these reliable, powerful and energy efficient compressors come with AIRSAVE Premium, an integrated air-quality monitoring system with sensors for CO, CO2, O2, humidity, and temperature.

  • TI Series | Portable, for firetrucks build in, stand-by unit
  • TCI Series | Portable, to use in fields complete autarkic
  • TFI Series | Stationary
  • TFV Series | Stationary
  • TSI Series | Stationary, silent
  • TFVS Series | Stationary, silent
  • AIRSAVE Basic, Pro, Premium
  • Filling ramps
  • Storage cylinders