By now for 23 years, IDE Compressors – the technological leader for compressor-integrated air monitoring – has delivered the most advanced and reliable compressors for recreational diving.

Whether it’s small, portable compressors for your hobby, larger portable compressors for professional dive safaris by land or by water, or powerful, energy efficient systems for diving schools or large dive centres: IDE has the proper system.

From now on we also can measure the residual oil content in the compressed air permanently. A quantum leap! Filling with AIRSAVE PREMIUM together with AIRSCRUBBER guarantee the compliance with the main parameters of the DIN EN 12021 and other standards int. Defined IDE with its integrated air monitoring Airsave Premium OC the premium to the prior art.

  • T Serie | Hobby, portable
  • TI-L Serie | Professionell, portable
  • TCI Serie | Professionell, portable
  • TFI Serie | Stationary
  • TFV Serie | Stationary
  • TSI Serie | Stationary, silent
  • TFVS Serie | Stationary, silent
  • TFO Serie | Oilfree for Nitrox, Trimix, Helimix
  • AIRSAVE Basic, Pro, Premium
  • Filling ramps
  • Storage cylinders
  • Nitrox Membran Generator