Breathing-air compressors: numerous applications

When it comes to breathing-air compressors most people think of fire brigades and scuba divers. But modern compressors have other exciting applications, too, e.g. in motor sports, medical technology, offshore and industry. This blog post gives you a compact survey of the various sectors in which breathing-air compressors are useful.

Fire brigades: enough air in all kinds of dangerous situations
Because of smoke and leaking harmful fumes firemen can often only work with professional breathing protection equipment. Modern breathing-air compressors play a critical role in this equipment. They are the warranty that the emergency forces always have enough clean breathing-air during their oftentimes dangerous tasks. That can be achieved with mobile or stationary compressors. One of the most important criteria is to continuously monitor air-quality with high-quality sensors. In this regard, in particular, IDE is considered to be a technology leader.

Scuba diving: safety is the be-all and end-all
Without a flawlessly working breathing-air compressor safe diving is absolutely impossible. From recreational diver to pro, all scuba enthusiasts can find a suitable favorite for their demands in the wide assortment of high-quality compressors. The individual compressors differ mainly in the amount and time in which pure breathing-air is delivered. Compressors for scuba diving are often completed by add-on modules like storage tanks, nitrox systems or air-monitoring.

Motor sports: power under high pressure
Modern high-pressure compressors are very common in motor sports, they are indispensable tools for mounting, fire extinguisher systems and lifting units. Obviously, powerful mobile systems, which can be deployed at any race track, are most suitable for this kind of application.

Offshore: at home on all the oceans
Both on board of vessels or stationary areas like offshore wind turbines or drilling rigs breathing-air compressors are critical pieces of equipment. In the offshore sector some work must be done in difficult breathing conditions, so the staff need both breathing-air compressors and other compressors for cleaning, repairs or mounting. In order to be able to quickly extinguish fires or because of the possibility of toxic fumes breathing-air compressors are indispensable basic equipment in the offshore sector, too.

Medical technology: breathing is life
In medical care breathing-air compressors have been established as indispensable standard equipment in ICUs for a long time. Here they are often being used together with reliable monitoring equipment and thorough prefilters. In medical applications the system must often be mobile or must have a silent mode. In addition to that this sector usually prefers compressors with user-friendly handling to be quickly ready for use and that deliver extremely clean medical air.

Industry: tailor-made compressed air solutions for various sectors
For industrial applications high-pressure compressors not only need a high performance capability but in some cases must also deliver very high pressures (up to 520 bar / 7500 psi). The various industry sectors must be equipped with systems that meet their individual needs – with stationary or mobile compressor systems or with noise-absorbing insulation. The construction of such compressors allows them to be used with air, various noble gases and nitrogen, or for gas-assisted injection molding. Since industrial production is a delicate balance and a production stop causes high costs, there are some critical requirements – like reliability, long service intervals and continuous monitoring of the compressor parameters – that the compressors from the Manufactory master with flying colors.