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Compressor Manufacture

Manufacture, in the actual sense of the word, means handmade (Latin: manus – hand, factum – made). In German this is still alive: in a Manufacture products are made by hand to the greatest extent possible, the term stands for highest quality and durability, intense R&D potential and is the sheer opposite to mass production.
Manufactures make products for people and organizations who, in return for their investment, wish to get something special, highest quality and state-of-the-art technology. Manufactures have their individual identity, products are unmistakable and to the minute detail carry the trademark of highly qualified, handpicked craftsmen and engineers.

IDE Kompressoren GmbH, as a compressor manufacturer, met the strict criteria of the Deutsche Manufakturen e.V. (German Association of Manufactures) and was admitted as a member.

We proudly carry the designation “IDE Kompressorenmanufaktur GmbH” “Handmade in Bavaria”.