Breathing-Air Quality

Digitalization for high-pressure and breathing-air compressors

IDE Kompressor Manufaktur have always been standing out by the fact that for us innovation is not a question of “whether” but of “how”. Therefore, we permanently keep an eye on all markets we deliver our products to and we stay in close contact with our customers. This is the only way to timely recognize new trends and demands on our products that we can then quickly implement thanks to the flexibility of our manufactory. But we are also thinking outside the box, studying other sectors and industries in order to pick up their latest ideas and trends, too, and, if they are interesting for us, to implement them in our products.
SEEPEX – one of the latest innovations – won this year’s Innovation Award at the ACHEMA. This shows that digitalization unstoppably finds its way into our business sector, too.
The outstanding feature of the SEEPEX Smart Dosing Pump is the control module directly in the pump. Such an integration has been unknown so far. The system consists of an eccentric screw pump, the drive system, the control software and the flow sensor.

Quite rightly IDE Kompressor Manufaktur can proudly claim to be a think tank and trailblazer of digitalization in the high-pressure compressor sector.
In 2007 IDE had already filed a utility patent for a digital electronic power control for high-pressure breathing-air compressors, that fulfilled, and considerably exceeded the demands on occupational safety and ease of use when filling breathing-air and scuba cylinders.
In this sense a “Smart Dosing System” had already existed back then.
As well in 2007, when no other compressor manufacturer had given much attention to breathing-air quality, IDE had filed another utility patent for the first digital online breathing-air quality monitor, which reliably monitored saturation in the dryer cartridge and also measured the CO value digitally online.
This was the beginning of a long series of developments with two more IDE utility patents in 2008 and 2009. The importance of this development is mirrored in the fact, that one of the big competitors tried to hijack these utility patents.
Today’s expansion stage of the digital IDE AIRSAVE ULTIMATE online air-quality monitoring is considered to be the most innovative and modern system of its kind, and rightly so.

Although digitalization has only become such a prominent topic in the past few years, with some foresight this future trend had been recognizable a decade ago. Over and over we realize that the beginnings of this revolution had found their way into our company long before that.

By now we can also keep up with today’s trend-setting IoT solutions and cloud programs, as impressively demonstrated by our HMI-TCC Compressor Control.

These digital compressor and filling controls are unique on today’s market. The very comfortable handling and the maximum operational and legal safety, which minimizes the operator’s liability risk, demonstrate that IDE know exactly how to utilize digitalization.

But our innovative products not only serve to improve safety and ease of use, they also reduce operational costs and resource usage considerably. This is true for all sectors, but in the health sector and in industrial settings this is a particularly important factor.

With our products and ideas IDE Manufaktur again prove that industry 4.0, digitalization, and manufactory are no contradictory terms.