Efficient removal of CO2 from breathing-air If a compressor’s intake air runs through the AIRSCRUBBER, about 70-75% of its CO2 content will be absorbed. Thus the CO2 content drops to about one third to one quarter of its value in the intake air – far below the strict limits of DIN EN 12021:2014, provided that […]

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Compressor Manufacture

Manufacture, in the actual sense of the word, means handmade (Latin: manus – hand, factum – made). In German this is still alive: in a Manufacture products are made by hand to the greatest extent possible, the term stands for highest quality and durability, intense R&D potential and is the sheer opposite to mass production.

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Air-quality monitoring

The European standard DIN EN 12021 was introduced around the turn of the millennium. This standard also describes the monitoring of gases that can occur when compressing air and that might be harmful for the human body.

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