HEPA Filter

Hepa Filter for breathing air compressors


(Hepa: High Efficiency Particulate Airfilter)

More and more people have difficulties breathing, suffer from irritations in the respiratory tract, or even severe bronchial or pulmonary problems – caused by allergic reactions to pollen, grass or pollutants in the air. Particularly while diving, as past has shown, allergic reactions can cause problems that reach from moderate discomfort to severe diving accidents. Within seconds mucous membranes can swell so severely that equalizing pressure becomes impossible. Difficulties breathing, a coughing or sneezing fit, or seizures can spoil or even prohibit enjoying this extraordinary sport.

The standard intake-filters of regular breathing-air compressors usually do not filter out such pollutants. Even the so-called microfilter cartridges cannot keep back the allergenic substances. A Google search on hay fever and scuba diving will produce links to many interesting articles on allergies and their implications on diving, from medical experts at the divers alert network or divemeddoc, as well as reports from sufferers themselves on forums such as ukdivers. For years there has been a lot of talking and campaigning about purest air for divers, IDE, however, read the signs of the times and developed a system to provide divers with considerably more safety by permanently monitoring the quality of their breathing-air.

In 2007 IDE had already developed an alternative to analogous test-tube measuring: the “Airsave”, a system integrated into the compressor, which permanently and digitally measures the highly toxic CO already during compression. Continuing refinement led to the current version of the device: “AIRSAVE PREMIUM®“ monitors carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and oxygen content, temperature, dew point and relative humidity, it controls the most important compressor functions, and saves the read-outs as an excel file to an integrated SD card, from which they can be exported to a PC or notebook for print-out.

From now on, thanks to IDE’s „DIVE-HEPA-AIR“, the latest development from IDE’s think tank, it is a lot more carefree and safe for allergy sufferers to indulge in their hobby. “Dive Hepa Air” compressors by IDE are the only ones worldwide, which feature hepa filters for allergy sufferers.

There are two versions of the system.

  • In the cheaper version 1, a stainless steel easy-change hepa filter cartridge is integrated into the compressor’s intake section.
  • In version 2, a sophisticated easy-change hepa filter system is installed after the high-pressure breathing-air purification filter and dryer.