IDE compressor oil and ISO 14001:2015

Our Responsibility for the World of Tomorrow

That includes sustainable economic activities and a considerate management of resources.
The professional environmental management system ISO 14001:2015 helps us to integrate environmental management in all sectors and processes of our enterprise.
With this certification we want to make sure that we do not cause any pollution and that all resources will be used sparingly and considerately.
We are also hoping that this certification motivates our customers and suppliers to follow suit – to help keep this world a place worth living.

A small example is the new 5-liter container for our new compressor oil “TROPICAL EXTREME VISCOSITY”:

It still is a plastic container, but if you wish you can have us refill this container, or you can later use it as a fuel reserve canister with its filler neck.

IDE Compressors Manufaktur GmbH bears the costs for returning the empty canister to us, cleaning and refilling. You only pay for the refilled oil and delivery.