IDE-HMI CAN-LINK Wireless Compressor Control

NOVELTY News from the IDE Think Tank

The first fully independent wireless compressor controls for breathing-air filling systems, with Android operating system and large 7’’ gorilla glass touchscreen.

This is the world’s first wireless control system that allows you to safely run and control a compressor from a far away filling panel or even from another building.

It can be installed on the filling panel, but is also available as a handy portable box with its own power supply, if personnel must often change their location. The operator can detach the portable version from the compressor, carry it along and remote-control the compressor. The fully independent system has a maximum range of 65m (215ft) indoors and 150m (490ft) outdoors.

The battery must be reloaded after approx. 70 operating hours. Of course, the system can also be powered by the included power unit.

Functions of the HMI compressor and filling control system with air-quality monitoring

  • Language selection: German, English, French, Spanish
  • Monitoring and controlling the discharge and restart pressure, that are both continuously adjustable on the display
  • Switching between manual, semi and fully automatic compressor operation
  • Controlling and monitoring of:
    – automatic condensate drain
    – automatic CO2 flushing
    – oil level in crankcase
    – star-delta motor controls
  • Safety valve test, condensate valve test, performance test, leak test
  • Monitoring the replacement intervals of:
    – breathing-air dryer cartridges – with automatic switch-off of the compressor
    – intake-air filter
    – oil-filter, switching to emergency operation for a limited time, then shutdown of the compressor
    – oil-change intervals, switching to emergency operation for a limited time, then shutdown of the compressor
  • Monitoring of the load change cycles of filter and separator cases
  • Recording of working hours, logging of hours of normal operation and emergency operation, including reasons of emergency operation
  • Automatic restart after shutdown due to power failure
  • Assignment of service codes with permissions for operator and technicians, optionally via transponder reader
  • Saving all operational data from compressor, AIRSAVE ULTIMATE, and FILL CONTROL
  • Output of saved data as CSV file for excel via USB port or LAN connection
  • Easy software update via USB stick
  • Interfaces: 4 x USB, LAN, serial RS232

Optional equipment:

  • Ampere monitoring during operation in order to prevent damage to the system
  • Monitoring of rotational direction (phase sequence)
  • Controlling and monitoring of:
    – continuously adjustable engine speed (filling rate)
    – temperatures in all compressor stages
    – pressure in all compressor stages
    – oil pressure and oil temperature in the lubricating oil circuit
    – temperature in the compressor room
    – temperature in the compressor silent cabinet
    – filling level in the condensate tank
    – downstream Priority Fill control system
    – downstream refrigeration dryer COOL & DRY
  • Controlling, monitoring and saving all sensor values from the AIRSAVE ULTIMATE air-quality monitor: CO, CO2, O2, NO, NO2, SO2, flammable gases, water, temperature, pressure dew point, AEROSOLS, oil, oil vapor, droplets
  • Controlling, monitoring and saving all cylinder data and important filling parameters from the FILL CONTROL system, for example: pressure, date, time, temperature, filling personnel – with data logger and printer
  • Error messages via text message to a freely assignable landline or mobile number
  • Controlling and monitoring of the compressor via CAN-wireless, maximum distance 65m (215ft) indoors and 150m (490ft) outdoors
  • Controls and monitoring via smartphone app