Made in Bavaria

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Made in Bavaria – tradition and the future

At home in BavariaTradition is very important in Bavaria. So is the future. The people in Bavaria know that they are living in one of Europe’s oldest cultural landscapes with a history stretching back over more than fifteen centuries and at the same time in one of the most modern states of Europe. In Bavaria tradition and the future go hand in hand.

Bavaria is a way of life. Cheerful and relaxed, sometimes rather obstinate, but never losing sight of reality. Genuine conviviality and unforced ‘Gemütlichkeit‘ are among the Bavarians‘ virtues, as are liberal-mindedness and tolerance. „Live and let live“ – that is what the much-praised ‘Liberalitas Bavarica‘ means. Perhaps life in Bavaria is a little less hectic than elsewhere. But the people here have more perseverance and can still distinguish clearly between the important things in life and the really important things. Bavarians live according to the principle: „Learn a lot from other people, but do not copy everything they do.“ Maybe that is why Bavaria has always managed to keep up with the times and nevertheless preserve its own unmistakable identity.

Bavaria’s traditions are still very much alive. The numerous folk costume associations, groups fostering old customs, and traditional music bands in Bavaria are a genuine expression of its inhabitants‘ love of their home country. Many people here do voluntary work to support and preserve old Bavarian customs. Such fostering of tradition is a matter of course in Bavaria, and it goes without saying that traditional Bavarian clothing such as the ‘Dirndl‘ is perfectly acceptable in polite society.

IDE Compressors Manufaktur - Standort Bayern

10 reasons for Bavaria

An unmatched location in Central Europe

Bavaria is the hub for Europe’s West-East and North-South trade. It is within convenient reach of all European business centers.

Gateway to Central and Eastern Europe

May 1, 2004 is an important date in the history of European integration: On this date, Malta and Cyprus as well as the Central and Eastern European countries of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary officially joined the European Union. In January 2007 Bulgaria and Romania were additionally admitted into the European Union.

Bavaria has played a major part in developing and enhancing German business relations with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and over the past few years it has established itself as the turntable between East and West. With the enlargement of the EU to the East, Bavaria is taking up position at the very heart of the European Economic Area with 493 million consumers and offering companies a secure location close to the new markets.

Most modern energy, transportation and telecommunications infrastructure

The first-class, business-oriented infrastructure throughout Bavaria responds to the needs of every investor.

Highly-qualified, motivated employees

The workforce derives its competence from the internationally-acclaimed dual vocational training, combining theory with on-the-job training, as well as the quality of higher education. Few locations in the world match the quality produced in Bavaria.

World-renowned universities and research institutions

11 universities, 17 polytechnical colleges, 3 major research facilities, 12 Max-Planck institutes and 7 Fraunhofer installations make Bavaria a world leader in research. The depth of knowledge provides the best prerequisite for the development of new technologies and services.

Strong partners all

Global players and a dense network of small and mid-sized industrial, trade and service companies make up the Bavarian economy, a spectrum of competitive suppliers, customers and potential partners.

High-tech clusters with a bright future

Internationally and nationally Bavaria has emerged as a top-ranked participant in practically all new technologies – information and communications, biotechnology and genetic engineering, energy and environmental technology. Bavaria has an inviting environment for high-tech companies.

Support services for potential investors

Bavaria responds promptly to the specific information, consultation and support needs of companies interested in establishing themselves in Bavaria.

Assertive economic policies

Bavarian economic policy encourages: „New products, new firms, new markets“. In the global, ever-changing arena of competition the leitmotif sets the tone for a clear-cut, forward-looking strategy pursued in partnership with business.

Work where others vacation

Bavaria is Germany’s most popular vacation destination. Its fascinating leisure pursuits, magnificent scenery and a depth and diversity of cultural resources will not fail to meet the expectations of top personnel.