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Compressors for medical technology


IDE Compressors offers modern, reliable compressors for all application areas of medical technology and therefore the perfect equipment for hospitals, medical practices, laboratories and research institutions.

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Mayer Sebastian - Medicine


Both in the field of human and dental medicine as well as in the field of veterinary medicine clean, pure breathing air of enormous, partly existential importance. The IDE compressors ensure maximum safety in the operating theater and at the bedside. Your patients are always reliably supplied with pure breathing air. IDE also has the right compressors for your research and laboratory work. This is medical technology that you can rely on one hundred percent.

Thanks to the innovative Airsave Ultimate air monitoring with fully electronic control, the residual oil content in the compressed air is permanently measured. Together with an Airscrubber CO² pre-filter, compliance with the most important parameters (O2-CO2-CO-humidity) of DIN EN 12021 and other international standards is guaranteed.


IDE supplies the ideal device for every application. The compressors of the T series are characterized by their compactness. Thanks to their relatively low weight, they can be used mobile in research and laboratory work.

Also perfect for research and laboratory, portable and at the same time even more powerful than the T-series devices are the compressors of the TI-L and TCI models. These devices provide large quantities of pure breathing air or other gases in a short time, making them suitable for demanding research and laboratory work.

For stationary use, the TFI and TVF series are the right choice. The compact high-pressure compressor systems with automatic end pressure shut-off and automatic condensate drain are particularly user-friendly. While the TFI series compressors can be retrofitted with external filler strips and storage batteries as needed to ideally suit your individual needs, the TVF series devices come standard with a comprehensive safety package.

The powerful compressors of the TSI and TFVS series also feature extremely low noise emissions thanks to the Silent technology, so that they can also be operated in working environments with special noise protection regulations. Efficient fan technology and optimized air flow not only ensure particularly quiet operation, but also make it possible to use state-of-the-art medical technology even at high ambient temperatures.

The compressors from the TFO series of the technology leader IDE Compressors work completely oil-free and thus provide a breathing air supply with the purest oxygen.

IDE Compressors thus offers you the right device for all application scenarios in the field of medical technology. Supplemented by extensive accessories, you get the compressor so precisely, which optimally supports you in your daily work for your patients.