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CO2 Absorber

Efficient removal of CO2 from breathing-air

If a compressor´s intake air runs through the AIRSCRUBBER, about 70-75% of its CO2 content will be absorbed.

Thus the CO2 content drops to about one third to one quarter of its value in the intake air – far below the strict limits of DIN EN 12021:2014, provided that the maximum intake concentration is not exceeded. The AIRSCRUBBER can be installed in the compressor´s intake hose or pipe in a few simple steps. The AIRSCRUBBER is particularly recommendable to clean and filter out CO2 from nitrox mixtures after a nitrox membrane system.

In nitrox membrane systems like the IDE MG 400/700 or any other membrane system the AIRSCRUBBER can just as easily be integrated into the intake house of the high-pressure compressor. Thus the nitrox mixture coming from the nitrox membrane system runs through the AIRSCRUBBER, and most of the CO2 in the mixture will be absorbed


The AIRSCRUBBER´s case is transparent, That makes it easy to see clearly and in good time when the absorber material gets saturated and must be replaced. With increasing saturation, the material´s color changes from blue to violet.

As soon as the AIRSCRUBBER changed it color over its complete length, or if the CO2 content exceeds the standard values of DIN 12021:2014, the absorber material must be replaced – at the latest after one and a half years.

The AIRSCRUBBER is easy to handle and, except replacing the asorber material, completetly maintenancefree.

The absorber material can be easily replaced in no time.

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