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Independent filling of breathing air bottles

Supplying vehicle for firebrigades, disaster control organisations, technical welfare organisations, industry, tunnel construction, canal construction, military.

Independent filling of breathing air cylinders, completely independent of the electricity fixed network. Where and whenever high-pressure air or breathing air is needed, the BASV can be brought to the place of use with any normal car.


The trailer is built on a galvanized uniaxial chassis. This chassis has a double-walled all-aluminum body with lid. On the sturdy 3 cm thick plywood floor, 4 50 L storage bottles each 350 bar are permanently installed. These are controlled from the fill bar. The side walls are removable and behind the rear side wall, the stainless steel filler bar is housed.

The IDE toggle valves are very low maintenance and have 5 years full warranty. The robust 3-stage compressor is powered by a 5.5 KW electric motor, which provides 320 L / min. at a maximum pressure of up to 350 bar. The compressor is fully automatic with auto start-stop, automatic condensing and online air quality monitoring for CO, CO2, O2, humidity and temperature. The whole system is powered by a powerful generator. The generator is powered by an extremely fuel-efficient 2-cylinder gasoline engine and provides 13.8 KVA. Active power 10.3 kW. It is equipped with an E-Start and absolutely user-friendly and low maintenance.


Every user knows the problem with the time-consuming filling of breathing air cylinders in an emergency. This takes

usually 8-12 minutes, depending on the capacity of the compressor used. Come here

still a manual draining of the condensate every 10-15 minutes, so valuable time is lost in emergency operation.

In the case of large fires, chemical fires and / or tunnel fires in which a large number of firefighters

used, the breathing air supplies often quickly run out. A mobile filling system is here in itself

good thing, but mostly it has a too small filling capacity and can also because of the risk of intake

contaminated air often not be used.

Using an IDE compressor system solves some of these problems. In combination with the fire station

Prefilled storage bottles guarantee absolutely pure breathing air and a very high filling capacity

for quick refilling of breathing apparatus. One of the main advantages of the BASV system is

that at risk of intake of contaminated air switched to filling from the closed storage system

can be. The 4-8 pieces of 50-liter 350 bar storage bottles used here can hold up to 50 pieces.

Fill the breathing air cylinder with 200 bar.

Another advantage is that the breathing air units will not be as hot when filling as in normal

Compressor operation. This means that the air flow rate of the respirator bottles is therefore greater and

Thus, a higher level of performance is available in use.

The third advantage: When using composite breathing apparatus can either be directly with the compressor

or be filled from the storage system without the bottles are too hot because in this case, düe

Filling connections are provided with a restrictor no matter how much air is always equal to the amount of filling air

limited. The single-axle trailer guarantees a light handlig and shuffle. The vertical load is

about 50 kg and the total weight about 1000 kg.

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L- Bar
AchsenStützlast kgMaße in cm
Nutzmaße // Gesamtmaße
Gewicht kg/netto
BASV 23023050-35013,8/10,4/4,01Max. 752050x1100x900 //
BASV 32032050-35013,8/10,4/5,51Max. 762050x1100x900 //


Integrated air quality monitoring DRY AIR with sensors in the cartridge for dry saturation, or for portable compressors unique air quality monitoring IDE AIRSAVE ULTIMATE for CO, CO2, O2, NO, NO2, SO2, flammable gases and water in the compressed air in ppm / mg. If one of the presettings deviates from the nominal values ​​specified in the DIN EN 12021-2014 standard, an acoustic alarm sounds and at the same time a corresponding error message appears on the display. In case of danger or critical operating conditions.


The BASV 2000 can be configured depending on customer’s request with firebrigade equipment such as radio, flashers in blue and/or red (color choice according to national regulation), siren and electronic trip book. Advanced specific equipments according to customer arrangement.Vehicle cab and box-type van body are usually painted RAL 3000. Country-specific special requests are possible


  • Mercedes Benz ATEGO type 818 with 130 KW of Diesel motorizing
  • Box-type van body from double-walled aluminium walls with between-lying, special honeycomb structures for vibration absorbing and highest torsional strenght
  • 2 breathing air compressors with each 260 or 330 litres/minute of air delivery achievement (in the booster mode up to 2.000 litres/minute)
  • 30 kVA generator installed under the vehicle and driven by vehicle engine
  • Cool & Dry for cooling of compressed air and extension of the filter lifetime
  • 2 filling panels each 4 filling connections 200 bar and/or 300 bar
  • Up to 8 x 50 litres storage bottles 300 bar on powder-coated steel framework installed with downlying valves
  • 2 x FT 610 filter system with standard AIRSAVE filter monitoring for altogether 3.600 m³ upreadyable amount of air
  • Double-sided storage cabinet for 80 (2 x 40) pieces pre-filled breathing air bottles each 6.8 litres