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Setting & Monitoring

Functions CC-Control

1. Setting and supervision cut-off pressure

2. Setting and supervision of the re-start pressure with fully automatic operation

3. Operating mode selection, fully automatic, semi-automatic

4. Control of the intermediate pressures (sensors optional)

5. Control of the temperature of the last compression stage (sensor optional)

6. Control of the oil temperature (sensor optional)

7. Control of the oil pressure (sensor optional)

8. Emergency/Off-function with automatic re-start after power failure

9. Adjustable nominal dryer saturation control

10. Setting and control of the condensate drain automatics

11. Automatic pressure release for pressureless re-start

12. Setting and control of the star-delta motor control

13. Control of the motor temperature with motor protection switch-off

14. Documentation of the load cycles of the pressure tanks

15. Test mode to test the condensate drain automatic, the safety valves and the compressor power

16. Control of the suction dryer changing intervals with indication of the order codes

17. Control of the oil dryer changing intervals with indication of the order codes

18. Control of the oil changing intervals with indication of the order codes

19. Control of the inspection- and maintenance intervals

20. Documentation of the operating hours with logging of the normal hours, the emergency mode hours with emergency operation reason.

21. Control of the valve changing intervals of the particular compression stages with optical signal

22. Input of varios operating codes

23. Release of service codes

24. power requirement oriented compressor control OM-control, which is activated via the LCD-display (optionally). At the display, according to the filling needs the corresponding compressor filling power is adjusted to avoid strong warming of the devices (very important when Composite devices are used)

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Mayer Sebastian - CC-Control EN