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Ready-to-use configured stationary high-pressure compressor unit for the purest breathing air, air or other gases for preferential use in fire brigades, rescue organizations, industry as well as in diving. The TFVS series is specially designed for heavy-duty use, endurance-stable and predestined for industrial use. Robust, powerful system with low noise and high user-friendliness. Equipped as standard with automatic end pressure shut-off and automatic condensate drain.


Consistently designed for high delivery performance and ease of use, equipped with the world’s most advanced compressor block generation from IDE Compressors, this system impresses with features and compactness and extremely quiet operation. The closed frame construction offers noise reduction (68 db (A)) and optimum protection for the operator. If required, the systems can also be retrofitted with external filler strips and storage batteries.


Energy efficiency and maximum safety are nowadays two of the most important requirements set for manufacturers of machines and electrical equipment. IDE Compressors has always taken this task very seriously and therefore developed the CC-OM CONTROL. The CC-OM is currently the only filling system worldwide for breathable air cylinders and other pressure vessels, which combines maximum demand-driven filling capacity with maximum energy efficiency. The new FILL-SAVE filling station ensures optimum personal safety and convenience for the filling and operating personnel. Following several accidents caused by bursting pressurised vessels during the filling process, explosion protection during the filling of cylinders has already become a regulation or standard in many countries.

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Sebastian Mayer

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225 oder 330 bar
Antriebsmotor Liefermenge
TrocknersystemMaße in cm LxBxH Gewicht kg/netto
TFVS 420 / 350 bar
TFVS 420 / 420 bar
400V / 50/60 Hz420412509/12
FT 410125x84x185415
TFVS 520 / 350 bar
TFVS 520 / 420 bar
400V / 50/60 Hz520411509/12
FT 410125x84x185435
TFVS 630 / 350 bar
TFVS 630 / 420 bar
400V / 50/60 Hz6304100011/15
FT 810 125x84x185435
TFVS 720 / 350 bar
TFVS 720 / 420 bar
400V / 50/60 Hz 7204125011/15
FT 810 125x84x185455
TFI 850 / 350 bar400V / 50/60 Hz8504138015/20FT 810 125x84x185460



  • Cylinders with special honed casted iron sleeve.
  • performance by interstage coolers of stainless steel
  • Low-maintenance stainless steel lever filling valves (option) with safety filling connections and/or highly flexible inflating tubes from Kevlar with safety filling connectors made of stainless steel with safety flow stop


  • Breathing air in accordance with international standards, under normal use and maintenance, according to the manual and Airscrubber CO2 filter for high CO2 concentration


  • Service partners with spares supply in almost 20 countries
  • Large training and instruction offers for technical education
  • Project oriented and cost oriented consultation in close co operation with the customer