TISM - TI S-M-L Serie EN


For all who are looking for something special

Compact portable and / or stationary high-pressure compressor system for breathing air, air or other gases. For all who are looking for something special. With everything that is possible according to the state of the art. Various uses on yachts, safaris and expeditions. The only portable system in its class with professional air quality monitoring.


Wherever and whenever a site-independent, powerful air supply is needed, the TI series with the 2 models are the ideal partner. Due to its versatile configurability, the users can compile the compressor system according to their own requirements ideally.


Standard Standard Features such as automatic end-pressure and automatic drain and up to four possible stainless steel Lever filling valves with safety Flowstop allow professional work. With up to 330l / min air delivery, the TI series leaves no wishes unfulfilled

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veronika - TI S-M-L Serie EN



225 oder 330 bar **
Antriebsmotor *Liefermenge
TrocknersystemMaße in cm LxBxHGewicht kg/netto
TI-S 30 EM230V / 50 Hz301.9501,1/1,5Optional FT 7056x40x4229
TI-S 55 EM230V / 50 Hz552.1501,5/2Optional FT 7056x40x4229
TI-M 100 EM230V / 50 Hz10020002,2/3FT 9084x49x5247
TI-M 100 ET400V / 50/60 Hz10018003/4FT 9084x49x5248
TI-M 140 EM230V / 50 Hz14020003/4FT 9084x49x5252
TI-M 140 ET400V / 50/60 Hz14020003/4FT 9084x49x5251
TI-L 160 EM230V / 50 Hz1601.3503/4FT 310101x55x6089
TI-L 230 ET400V / 50/60 Hz2301.3504,0/5,4FT 310101x55x60125
TI-L 330 ET400V / 50/60 Hz3301.4505,5/7,5FT 310101x55x60130


  • Cylinders of all stages made from special aluminium alloy with cast iron sleeves. TI-M with free flying piston in the second and third stage
  • Ideal performance secured by interstage coolers made of special stainless steel alloy
  • Low-maintenance stainless steel lever filling valves with safety filling connections and/or highly flexible filling hoses with safety filling connectors made of stainless steel
  • Screw connections on all pressurised components designed and laid out for at least x 1.5-4 times safety
  •  Frame seawater resistant aluminum for the compressor used in areas with high humidity and / or increased salinity in the ambient air


  •  Breathing air in accordance with international standards, under normal use and maintenance, according to the manual and Airscrubber CO2 filter over the limit lying CO2 concentration in the intake air
  • Exclusive: AIRSAVE PRO E (TI-M) electronic dryer cartridge saturation monitoring system
  • Breathing air in accordance with international standards, under normal use and maintenance, according to the manual and Airscrubber CO2 filter lying over the limit of CO2 concentration in the intake air.


  • Service and contract partner with spare parts supply in almost 20 countries of the world
  • Comprehensive training and education offers for your technical education and training
  • Project-related, cost-oriented consulting in close cooperation with the customer