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For breathing and diving equipment

The IDE Breathing Apparatus Carrier provides safe transportation of respiratory equipment within the fire station or dive center, and together with an IDE safety fill ramp, allows the equipment to be safely filled without any hassle whatsoever. It is well known that most accidents involving breathing or diving equipment occur during handling of the equipment, so it is important to reduce this as much as possible. No longer with the bottle to the filling ramp but with the filling hose to the bottle.

This eliminates the need to lift and connect to the filling ramp.


The IDE bottle transport trolley has a loading surface made of wood-based panel with a surface in the beech decor, as well as two removable longitudinal walls made of wire mesh with a mesh size of 50 x 50 and is permanently surface-protected, as well as shock and scratch resistant. The bottle holders are made of high-strength 7mm thick polypropylene (PP).

The non-marking and smooth-running tires consist of two swivel castors with a central safety brake (in accordance with the safety standard DIN EN 1757-3 for “industrial trucks” with parking brake), as well as two fixed rollers made of thermoplastic rubber and maintenance-free, shock-resistant and resistant precision deep-groove ball bearings. The tires are also provided with a thread guard and standard foot protection.

The wheels mounted on this “Made in Germany” bottle trolley are suitable for a variety of surfaces and are also resistant to a large number of aggressive substances such as oils, gases, acids, solvents and organic substances.

The delivery is disassembled, can be delivered on request also assembled.

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Modell - AusstattungenFlaschengröße
Maße in cm
Flaschentransportwagen zum Transport von 15 Atem-oder Tauchflaschen4L, 6,L, 7L, 10L3L, 4L, 6L, 8L1190x700x1015
Flaschentransportwagen zum Transport von 12 Atem-oder Tauchflaschen12L, 15L9L1390x800x1015