TI Serie

TI Series

For everybody who´s looking for something special

Compact portable and/or stationary high pressure compressor system for breathing air, air or other gases. Used as preferred model for everybody who´s looking for something special. With everything that is possible according to the state of the art. Multiple applications on yachts, safaris and expeditions. The only portable system of this class with professional air quality monitoring including CO, CO2, O2, temperature, humidity, dew point and compressor-service interval.

Power, also independent on electricity mains

Motorizing with 220 V alternating current, 400 V three-phase alternating current drive make an independent operation possible.

Mobile – compact – powerful

Wherever and whenever a local independent, high performance breathing air supply is needed, the TI-M series is the ideal partner. By these high possibilities of configuration the compressor user can arrange the unit depending on his own requirements. Standard equipment such as automatic final pressure shut down, automatic condense water drain and up to 4 possible filling connections make professional working possible. With up to 320 l/min. air delivery volume, the TI-M series leaves nothing to be desired.


  • Extremly robust seawater-resistant powdercoated aluminium baseframe with handles
  • Cylinders of all stages made from special aluminum alloy with cast iron sleeves
  • Ideal performance secured by interstage coolers made of special stainless steel alloy
  • Highly flexible inflating tubes with safety filling connectors made of stain-less steel


  • Breathing air in accordance with international standards, under normal use and maintenance, according to the manual and Airscrubber CO2 filter over the limit lying CO2 concentration in the intake air
  • Screw connections on all pressurised components designed and laid out for at least x 1.5-4 times safety
  • Condense automatic (EM/ET) and automatic final pressure shut down attached as standard (all models)


  • Service– and contract partners with spare part supply in almost 20 countries worldwide
  • Large training and instruction offer for your technical education
  • Project oriented and cost oriented consultation in close cooperation with the customer





Maximum working reliability and air quality are by the electronic AIRSAVE filter monitoring. Over a measuring sensor build in the dryer cartridge is recorded and send to the AIRSAVE Pro dryer cartridge saturation monitoring system. This sends status messages over certain switching signals to the operator and switches the compressor unit off when the saturation of the cartridge exceeds the obligatorily limit values.

Monitoring of air-quality at breathing-air compressor. Unrivalled around the globe: Electronic system to monitor air quality and dryer saturation in high-pressure breathing-air compressors. AIRSAVE ULTIMATE is your first opportunity to monitor all parameters of your compressor system, which are decisive for air quality and operational safety – CO, CO2, O2, temperature, humidity, filter saturation, working hours, intervals for maintenance, service and oil filter replacement – and to control the compressor accordingly.

From now on we also permanently measure the residual oil content in the compressed air. A quantum leap! Filling with AIRSAVE ULTIMATE together with an Airscrubber CO² prefilter guarantee compliance with the main parameters (CO, CO2, O2, humidity) of DIN EN 12021 and other international standards. IDE defines with its integrated air monitoring, the AIRWAVE ULTIMATE, the state of the art.

The TI-M series has an automatic final pressure shutdown, a condense automatic and a operating hour meter equipped as standard (model series EM/ET). Air delivery achievements of 150-320 litres/minute cover nearly all work areas predominating in the mobile and stationary enterprise. With 2 filler connectors also several breathing air bottles can be filled at the same time with high capacity, so that a fast operation of the equipment can be ensured. Also service with 200 and 300 bar pressure ranges is optionally possible. Equipment with electrical or gasoline drive makes independent working in all situations and all ranges possible.

Technical data

225 oder 330 bar **
Drive motor *FAD
FiltersystemDimensons in cm LxBxHWeight kg/netto
TI-M 160 EM230V / 50 Hz1501.3503,0/4,1FT 310101x55x6089
TI-M 230 ET400V / 50/60 Hz2301.3504,0/5,4FT 310101x55x60125
TI-M 320 ET400V / 50/60 Hz3201.5505,5/7,5FT 310101x55x60130
TI-S 110 EM230V / 50 Hz11020002,5/3FT 8084x49x5249
TI-S 110 ET400V / 50/60 Hz11018002,2/3FT 8084x49x5248
TI-S 140 EM230V / 50 Hz14020003/4FT 8084x49x5252
TI-S 140 ET400V / 50/60 Hz14018003/4FT 8084x49x5251