TSI Mini Serie

TSI Mini Series

Moveable und compact – powerfull and low noise level

Wherever and whenever super silent (63 dbA) powerful breathing-air supply is needed, the TSI Mini series with its two models is the ideal partner. Its adaptable configurability allows the operator to order a compressor with the perfect make-up for his/her individual requirements.

Standard equipment like automatic switch-off at discharge pressure and automatic condensate drain, and up to four stainless-steel toggle valves with Flow Stop allow professional filling. With up to 140 l/min free air delivery the TSI Mini series fulfils all wishes.

Electrical connection

  • The complete electrical connection is accommodated in a switchbox put on the electrical motor. The series TSI Mini electrical have in series 24 V control, protective switchgear of an engine, hour meter, starting tracer, emergency stop tracer, automatic final pressure disconnection.
  • The blocked components are to be ensured to the majority of considerable German manufacturers for continuous quality standard. The lead is 2 m long, in series equipped with three-phase alternating current with a CEE 16 A.


  • The drive takes place by means of electrical engine. The V-belt pulleys type TAPER are in such a way conceived that during optimal power transmission maximum quiet running is obtained.
  • For the different performance levels the following electric motors are used in the series TSI Mini. All engines are equipped with a thermal protection element.


  • Breathing air in accordance with international standards, under normal use and maintenance, according to the manual and Airscrubber CO2 filter over the limit lying CO2 concentration in the intake air.


The new cost effective CO2 prefilter.

SIZE 1: 100 – 350 l/min
SIZE 2: 350 – 720 l/min

The unit is suitable for retrofitting on all compressors, regardless of the manufacturer. The very high efficiency, low maintenance work and low follow-up costs are the outstanding features of this new     development from IDE think tank.

Technical Data

225 / 330 / 420 bar **
Drive motor *FAD
Dry systemDimensions in cm LxBxHDimensions kg/netto
TSI-Mini 110 SILENT ET400V / 50/60 Hz11019002,2/3FT 8063x66x120,5124
TSI-Mini 110 SILENT EM230V / 50 Hz11019002,2/3FT 8063x66x120,5125
TSI-Mini 140 SILENT ET400V / 50/60 Hz14019003/4FT 8063x66x120,5124
TSI-Mini 140 SILENT EM230V / 50/60 Hz14019003/4FT 8063x66x120,5125