Satisfied customers are not only a catchphrase but a philosophy for us.
Quality means that the customer returns not the goods.

Innovative technology and design, security, quality and long life cycles are the basic values of each Mercedes Benz.
From Sindelfingen comes the traditional series of C-, CL-, CLS-, E- and S-type as well as Maybach. They form the upper and middle segment of our product range.
The success of many years of these vehicles obligates again and again to new pioneer spirit, if it concerns to make the following generation still better. Because highest maxim is to offer always the best to the customers there are permanent improvements as well as new technical methods and procedures also in the current product cycle. In the case of all enthusiasm for innovative technology humans stand always in the focus of all considerations. Innovative design, intelligent technology and perfect manufacturing our customers experience in the whole world as comfort, driving fun and enthusiasm of the senses. That’s it, what makes our vehicles continuous to „classic cars“.

There is nothing to add this original text of the Daimler AG – except perhaps the following:

We are thankful that a global player like the company Daimler AG decided to use IDE high pressure compressor in their production and test cycles in the production plants Sindelfingen and Hamburg. This shows that we are on the right way with our products, our technology and our innovative ideas.

Perhaps our products do not become „classics“ – this is not our requirement and also not our request. But if our products are participated only a little piece in the fact that the vehicles of the Daimler AG reach this status this fulfills us with a little pride and is incentive for all our coworkers to follow our goals, to analyze again and again, to motivate and to improve.

So that our customers accomplish their goals with our products!