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Environmental Protection


Our products require an effective protective packaging for the transport to you to ensure a damage-free transport process. In design and dimensioning, we have always limited ourselves to the necessary and thus support environmental protection. Our packaging materials are absolutely environmentally friendly and recyclable.

The cardboard boxes are made from 80-90% recycled paper and labeled with RESY. Wooden parts are not chemically treated and comply with the applicable international regulations through heat treatment. The films are made of polyethylene, the change is made of non-toxic polyester. The quick-release bags used in the mail order are also made of polyethylene. Polyethylene is groundwater neutral and recyclable. By processing and reusing the packaging materials, raw materials are saved and the volume of waste is reduced.

IDE Compressors Manufaktur also contributes to active environmental protection in this area.

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Sebastian Mayer

Mayer Sebastian - Environmental Protection

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