The new compressor blocks for 230, 280, and 320 lpm

Always striving to improve the air from our compressors more and more, we took a big step forward with our new T125 compressor models.
We know that during multi-stage compression moisture in the air will precipitate in the form of condensate, which then needs to be drained.
Most of the condensate (ca. 80%) precipitates in the first compressor stage. No compressor in this performance category, however, has a separator after the 1st stage as standard, only after the 2nd and 3rd stage.

During our test series we observed that after the 2nd stage air will hold, and transport to the next stage, considerably less humidity, if the condensate that precipitates in the 1st stage is drained directly after the 1st stage, and that in the end markedly dryer air will be delivered from the 3rd stage.

The benefits are obvious: measurably dryer air, therefore a longer service life of the dryer cartridge, and considerably lower ancillary costs.

A 10 liter cylinder shall be filled with 200 bar, intake air has a temperature auf 20°C and a relative humidity of 60% – that means it contains about 20.7 grams of water in the form of vapor. After the compressor stages about 20.25 grams will be drained with the condensate.

Savings: with one FT 300 filter cartridge in a Bavaria Pro 260 BC with standard draining you can fill about 172 scuba cylinders with 10 l volume (= 0.31 ct. per cylinder).
With the new condensate draining one cartridge lasts for up to 229 scuba cylinders with 10 l volume (= 0.23 ct. per cylinder): 23% cost savings per cartridge.